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What’s Going On?

9 Jul

I was born and raised in a small town in Indiana called “Kokomo” by a single mother with 5 sisters and 1 brother. We were the only black family in our neighborhood therefore, I and my sisters were THE only of our kind in our class during our elementary (Pettit Park) and middle school (Lafayette) years.

What did that mean for us? A LOT of fighting that is. I am going off of my memory so my sisters may have had different experiences. I remember that fighting came easy for me because a lot of times the kids that called me out of my name were at the same time afraid of me. They “assumed” I could fight. #perk

As the youngest, I remember how my older sisters had to do MORE fighting and made it known NOT to mess with those Christie girl’s. So I didn’t have to fight as often or as much as they did but I still had to fight. I remember fighting during recess because someone called me out of my name and instead of Mr. Russell (our principal) sending me home – he made me sit in the office until school was out. That walk home was a long one because I just KNEW when I got home Jan Houston-Christie was gonna BEAT ME DOWN!!! But instead silence. NOTHING. Mr. Russell never called her.

Mr. Russell had no idea how much he saved me but as an adult I realize something. I think he knew if he called my Mom – I’d get in trouble. But why? For defending myself against being called a derogatory, demeaning and revolting name. I think he spared me out of some level of understanding. I don’t think Mr. Russell could understand ALL the way but he sympathized with my situation. NOW – if Mr. Russell was prejudice himself not only would he have called Jan but he would have paddled me (we got those in school back in the day). But he didn’t do that. He didn’t even give me a tongue lashing…He just told me to go sit. I’ll never know if Mr. Russell ever addressed the students who called me names. Maybe he did…maybe he didn’t but what I appreciated  most of him was that he cared enough to show me sympathy. Don’t think he felt sorry for me but TRIED to understand what I was going through.

What’s going on?

Why is it that we cannot have this approach in society today? THE only 2 things that make us different are: 1) the color of our skin & 2) the way we are treated in this country. The question was asked to white society – if given the opportunity – would you trade places in society with a black person? IF you answer yes, then I believe it would show you things you NEVER knew existed. IF you say no, then that means you  obviously realize there is an issue. To my fellow brothers & sisters: How do you expect one to totally “understand” our stance IF they’ve never experienced it? The same way we need our white family to make an attempt to “sympathize” we also need to “understand” that they can’t see something that has never affected them. BOTH parties should exercise compassion.  To my white family – if we tell you that we’ve been stung by a bee and it hurts DON’T tell us “No it doesn’t” and don’t tell me “Well if you hadn’t been outside then you wouldn’t have been stung to begin with.” Neither of those comments erase the pain. It still hurts.

God created us ALL in His image so if a portion of God is being demeaned, disrespected and most importantly killed…then we as His creation should lay down our differences and seek out a solution. One of the solutions I see is we as “black Americans” need to first begin to love, respect and honor ourselves again. When we kill and defile ourselves it gives the “illusion” for others that it’s ok to do the same. Respect begats Respect!!!

Love is the solution and it starts in our individual worlds. Make a special effort to love on everyone in your day to day lives. Smile and offer a hello. Help someone even if they are apprehensive at first. Put it into your everyday practice and it will become routine.

I love you all!!! Remember that: LOVE isn’t love unless you GIVE it away


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Who’s talking in your ear?

21 Apr

I don’t watch much t.v. and on the occasion that I do it is normally Law & Order or something that doesn’t require me to be series loyal.

One day I decided to take a couple of days off work because I was tired so I actually made myself sit down and watch some television. As I am channel surfing, I run across the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Now normally I’d speed dial right past that show because one of my pet peeves is to watch women divided and being messy displayed for all the world to see. But I said no, let me see what all the hype is about.

As I am watching, I see how Kim Fields is being teased (underhandedly I might add) because she doesn’t drink and hang out because she says when she is not working she is all about her family. And this comes from a woman who desires what she has “a family.” I also see where Phaedra and Kandi (assumed good friends) have had a falling out or misunderstanding and has selected to sit down and talk about it. After tears have fallen, the air has been cleared and the ladies part ways. Kandi’s assistant enters the room and proceeds to talk Kandi down from getting past she & Phaedra’s “issue.” In the beginning Kandi defends Phaedra but he continues to tear Phaedra down to the point that Kandi is left scratching her head wondering if Phaedra was really being genuine.

This really bothered me when I saw this because my thoughts were: Why is he enjoying this division and Kandi is pregnant and she doesn’t need anymore “extra” drama.

It made me evaluate my dealings with people. Am I the Kandi or am I the one talking negativity in her ear? Anyone who speaks against forgiving another isn’t really your friend nor do they have your back. Forgiveness is something that we must do in order to live fulfilled lives. Think about that for just a moment. Forgiveness gives YOU freedom and will eventually bring YOU healing. What type of friend would not want that for YOU?

Whether you represent the “ear” or the “talker” be careful and allow yourself to have the final say. Influence can be a good thing; however if another person’s words are negative and cause division than you really should consider their motive.

Kandi and Phaedra may not ever fully restore their friendship; however that is between the two of them. Forgiving doesn’t mean that the friendship will remain at the same level as before; however it allows for the space and opportunity for a fresh new start.

So I ask, “Who’s talking in your ear?”



Bad Review

31 Mar

In 2011-12, I released my cd titled, “Redemption” and I was so excited because it was my first full cd and I believe (know) that I partnered with some of the best to create a well balanced product that conveyed the message that God had given me for that season.

As an independent artist, one of the tasks that we endure is “getting the word out” so I thought it wise to post on all my social media pages and email blasts to check out my music on Amazon and write a review. I was hoping that this would generate traffic to my music page. One of the habits that I exercise is the habit of googling myself and periodically checking sites where my music is sold. Since I was doing this campaign to get reviews I would check them more frequently than normal.

One day when I checked Amazon, I saw a review that said something like: Trish is a mediocre singer who would do better singing background vocals. And they went on to say that my music was not to their liking. Of course they posted anonymously so I had no clue who posted this. If you are familiar with any artists/musicians in your life then you know how extremely sensitive we are; therefore, you understand that I went into a world spin from this ONE review.

With the counsel of my hubby, family & close friends I decided to use that review as fuel. I decided that I am not meant for everyone and that may have VERY well been their truth. I needed to be reminded WHY I do what I do. There is purpose behind it and that isn’t meant for all. At the same time, I am still responsible to minister for the remnant that God has assigned me to minister to. Until He calls me home, I’ll continue in HIS way.

I viewed an awesome video recently where an artist shared that we all have different purposes, visions and plans given to us by God so we deny Christ when we compare ourselves to someone else’s success or even failure. Staying focused is tough BUT it is required to stay our course.

I wanted to share that review within this blog but when I went to cut and paste it, it was no longer there. That above everything else baffled me. It could be that with time reviews are deleted or the person who initially wrote it, deleted it. Who knows? It really doesn’t matter. I thank God for growth and as painful as it was THEN ~ I continue to use it as fuel NOW!!!

I’d like to encourage someone today that a “bad” review doesn’t have to paralyze you. Use that hurt, pain & embarrassment and turn it into charge. Get busy doing what GOD told you to do. #GO

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3 Jan

One of the things that I’ve desired within myself New Year after New Year is growth. There are certain traits and characteristics within me where I desire to see progress. My personal growth goals have been some of the most difficult ones to eliminate from practice not only because it takes MUCH work but also because they’ve been habits for so many years.

It is easier to change the body by diet and exercise than the mind; however all of the above demands a change of heart. You have to be willing to endure the pain in order to receive the progress. Life is a journey that requires growth and growth requires pain. One has to keep their mind focused on the “progress” during those most difficult times. There will be days when your rational maturing self will have to talk down the irrational immature self.

The most annoying statement made is: “You’ve changed or you are brand new.” My response is: That is what life is about isn’t it? Growing. No it isn’t an excuse to mistreat people; however some people will be in your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Doesn’t mean that you have to part ways in anger or with drama.

I am so excited about continuing to chip away at my shortcomings because I am eager for growth. I am eager to love harder, forgive quicker and serve better. Focusing on the “progress” and not the “pain” will allow this journey to be more enduring.

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Late Bloomer

18 Nov

It is so funny because one of the greatest friends I’ve had in my life is in another country and most of our communication is done via text or email. As I was catching her up on things that have been going on in my life as of late, I found myself going IN on a “different” encounter that I’ve had. I found myself almost returning to child-like thinking and purging. I decided that I would write about these feelings because for me it causes healing.

As a child, I considered myself an ugly duckling because there were a lot of beautiful peers surrounding me. (So I thought at the time). I was around girls who called themselves “pretty” with button noses and straight teeth. All of which I did NOT have; hence my feelings of being inferior. Being raised by a single mother, I couldn’t even enjoy the luxury of at least having the money to compensate for my lacking. On top of my overbite, very poor vision and skinny frame – I suffered with an allergy to insect bites which caused blisters then scarring and horrible facial acne. I  was a COGIC church girl so that meant no make up or pants. It was ROUGH for those of us who didn’t have it naturally.

At the age of 15, my Mom sent me to modeling school and they taught me along with HER how to appreciate my own beauty. GREAT parenting goes a long way. Janette Houson-Christie was the #1 best assigned to me by God. The second was my God Mommie – Mazzie Beard-Gaillard who taught me to be tough and lastly my oldest sister Ruby Bell who taught me that common sense was JUST as important as book smarts. By the time I graduated from high school and moved to Atlanta, I had the confidence needed to say HMMMM maybe.

Although I grew up in a small town, I learned that once you go out into the world you will find out what you are TRULY made up of.  This sensitive and insecure kid began to believe in herself and exercised all the talks and lessons given to her. As I began to mature in who I am and being okay with all my flaws I found an inner beauty.

NOW – I celebrate being a late bloomer because I would prefer NOTHING more than to walk in my purpose KNOWING who I am, where I come from and where I’m going.

To my fellow “late bloomers” don’t regret your past but CELEBRATE because NOW is your time.


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Comic Relief

16 May

Trish New Banner

Today is a day that I am very tired and I’d prefer to be in my bed sleeping; however I am required to be present at my day career for another couple of hours so I thought I’d crack myself up about myself.

If you know me really well you know that I am terrified of reptiles (any type). So much so that I can’t stand to even look at them in print or on t.v. They just give me the creeps.

Well one day I was driving down the street on an absolutely beautiful day here in the ATL with the windows to my Yukon XL rolled down. I slow a little because I am approaching a red light and as I do something falls out of the tree that I’m under onto my windshield.

Can you possibly guess what it was?

I call them lizards others have called them salamanders either way they are reptiles. Needless to say, I stood ALL THE WAY UP on my brakes and as soon as I did that he ran to my side of the car and FELL into the open window.

Can you imagine my horror?

I just jumped out and forgot to put the truck in park so then it begins to roll a little bit. So I have to jump back in and put it in park. Keep in mind, I am in the middle of a 2 lane street and now traffic is blocked.

As I’m standing in the middle of the street, a nice gentleman comes to my rescue and asks what is wrong so I proceed to tell him. WHILE he gives me the “side eye”, the nice gentleman whose house I’m parked in front of walks up to hear my story. He tells me to pull into his drive so that I am not blocking the street. AFTER I give him the”ahh nahhh” look, the first kind gentleman jumps in my truck to get it out of the street.

So as they are searching my truck they finally found the sucker all the way back in my hatchback and aided his little nasty behind out WITHOUT causing him any harm.

Moral of the story?

Don’t ride down the street with your windows open because you just don’t know what type of visitor you’ll get.


True story: Hope that made you laugh today.


Have a fantabulous DAY!




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Define: Hater

16 May

Trish New Banner

In this age where the term “hater” is used so loosely, I decided to really take a close look into its meaning.

Hater: Desiring to knock someone down a notch

Let’s visit some traditional terms for the word such as:

Jealousy: the fear that someone will take something from you i.e. when someone flirts with someone’s sweetie and the emotion that you feel (NOTE: this term often includes 3 or more persons)

Envy: the desire to have something that someone else possesses and resents them for having it i.e. idolizing a pair of shoes someone else owns (NOTE: this often includes only 2 people)

The terms that mostly coincide in my opinion is “hatery” and “envy.” When we allow ourselves to take that high dive into this pool of deception we totally eliminate the acknowledgement of the blessings of God in our lives.

If these were not emotions that the majority experience than there would not be so many references to it in the Word of God. TAKE A PAUSE in this moment and allow yourself to be transparent and answer these questions:

Has there been a situation and/or person who you can’t quite understand why they seem to acquire “that thing” easily with seemingly no worries?

Have you compared yourself to and/or the success of another person?

My belief is that we can ALL relate to this at some point and time in our lives however I believe that the only way to overcome it is to recognize and acknowledge it.

It is often easy for us to see when “hatery” is being done to us BUT how many of us are willing to SEE when WE ourselves are hating on someone else?

I would not be able to write this blog without speaking on this point also and that is a lot of times we speak on “our haters” when most of the time they don’t exist. IF a person doesn’t find your idea, look, opinion or talent – life altering as you do than that doesn’t define them as a “hater” only a person with their own opinion. It’s very important to know the difference so that when this emotion rises up in us THAN we can act in contrary to the mindset and feeling.

Ultimately, God created us all differently and he finds each of us special in our own right. The very “thing” that our finite minds believe we can handle HE knows we actually cannot. And that “thing” would destroy us. The next time these feelings rise up in us, let’s challenge ourselves to remember this fact.

The Word of God states, “Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.” Galatians 5:19-21 ESV

It is a proven fact that THE easiest way to obtain the desires of your heart is to TRULY celebrate the successes of others. When we decide to self-focus then we lose our way. Keep your vision outward with your heart stayed on God and you can’t go wrong.

I wish you ALL the success God has in store especially for you.


From the heart,



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Why Style with Trysh?

25 Sep

Trish New Banner

I have been asked “Why Style with Trysh Radio Show?” and my response remains the same every time. Why not? I am a believer that we have been blessed with this life and the fullness of this gift is dependent on US. Life is a journey so why not live it? There are more dimensions to Trish Standley than solely music. My God, my Family, my Friends do come first; however there are other things that I am passionate about as well such as Fashion.

I was raised by a seamstress and therefore I was able to witness the advantages of having clothing custom-made for me. Even when my Mom became too busy with raising the 6 of us by herself I sought out either my childhood best friend or my God Mom’s aunt to sew pieces for me. Being raised by my “dainty” Mother and “shoe -o- holic” God mother, this is the Trish that you know & see today. Both women were single parents; however they exampled for us girls the importance of looking your best. There were not a lot of extra finances in our home so my Mom would do her own medi, pedi, facials as well as made sure her clothing was on point. She is a cancer survivor so she taught us the importance of taking your vitamins, eating healthy and exercising.

As a teen, my Mother thought that it would be wise for me to learn etiquette (not that I was a tom boy) because she would always tell us that God had revealed some things to her about her children’s futures and she wanted to prepare us. GREAT MOTHERING I KNOW. So for a year I attended John Robert Powers Modeling School in Indianapolis, IN. At first, I felt a little weird but as I began to attend faithfully I learned so much about what it means to be poised and how to properly carry yourself. Along with what fork and spoon is proper to use in a formal setting.

When I prepared to go to college my interest was peeked in Fashion Merchandising because I thought that I would enjoy the business side of fashion versus the creative one. So I  moved here to Atlanta and enrolled at American College for the Applied Arts. I enjoyed the school but it wasn’t totally what I was looking for so I eventually transferred to Clark Atlanta University to study Marketing.

Fast forwarding some years, I accepted my call to record the lyrics that God has placed in me which began my musical journey. I have been blessed to work with one of the most talented Marketing/PR & Manager’s in the Gospel Industry ~ Wanda Adams. Through her encouragement and VERY strong suggesting we developed “Style with Trysh”. Wanda believed that it would be a great vehicle for people to get to know me outside of my music ministry and it would be something that a lot of people could relate to. (Isn’t she brilliant – LOL).

Although I was VERY nervous, I am so glad that we launched Style with Trysh because it has blessed me more than I initially thought. I have enjoyed every guest (and we’ve had some AWESOME one’s to date) We’ve had Up & coming Designer Algernon Johnson, Motivational Speaker Kimberly Pothier, Emmy Award Winning Make Up Artist Eva Jane Bunkley, Jewelry Designer of Earjeans and Lead Female vocalist from Hip Hop Group Arrested Development Tasha LaRae, as well as many, many others.

Style with Trysh debuted on Sunday, April 28, 2013 from 6:30 to 7 p.m. and we quickly graduated to broadcasting for a full hour of 6 to 7 p.m. EST. The motto for the show is to inspire and encourage the EVERYDAY woman to reign as the Queen that she is. We have segments in the show that are geared toward fashion tips and trends such as “Martacious Closet” with Fashion Stylist Marty Hamm and the woman on the go about town Cassandra Hooker our Field Correspondent in “What’s Happening with San.”

The Style with Trysh team has the desire to make the time spent with us one that is full of fun, education and transparency. It is important that we impart a bit of knowledge that we have for the betterment of us as SISTER’s. Style with Trysh thanks all of our faithful listener’s and we welcome all the new. We end each show with this statement, “Love isn’t Love unless you give it away.” And we love you all.


“Style with Trysh” airs every Sunday from 6 to 7 p.m. EST join us @


The Stellars: Through the Eyes of an Indie

29 Jan

This year (2012) was my very first “Stellar Awards” weekend experience and whenever I experience something for the first time I like to document it because there will never be a first time again.

Myself and my team traveled to Nashville, TN in preparations for participating in 2 Showcases on that Friday. I really did not know what to expect. A part of me was sensing that there would be the spirit of “who do you think you are?” or “she’s a nobody, who cares.” You guys know me and for those of you who do not…I can’t help BUT be transparent. If I felt it, I share it. I do know that I was not the only one to share these feelings. However, as we continued on our way a peace came over me and I remembered that this isn’t about me anyways. I need to “focus” on the matter at hand and LEARN as much as possible. You see I am a believer that God equips those He has called and so from that point on instead of looking at myself of not being at a certain degree. I decided to put it in it’s proper perspective and that was do ALL that God had ordained me to do and learn while there and take the good along with the bad. So I was ready, actually excited.

The first showcase that I did was for This Empowerment Breakfast was organized by its station owner Beatrice “Sistah Peaches” Haywood. Her team was so very organized and professional. They covered ALL basis. It was GREAT to be able to see some of my fellow ECMA family members as well. (i.e. Carlos & Liz Merriweather) As the opening prayer, began I KNEW it was going to be something. Sistah Peaches began to walk the walls of the room in DEEP prayer and intercession. I could feel it brewing. And I just have to say that from the beginning to the end that Showcase was actually a worship experience. Every artist supported one another and we just had an AWESOME time in the Lord. The artist list consisted of: Silent Storm Mime Ministry, Miss Dae, Rose Belk, Javon Inman, Theresa Pinkney, Clinton “CD” Porter, Rodney Cunningham, Doris Stokes-Knight, The Gospel Sonz of Pine Bluff, Vonnie B, Duncan & Rachelle, Ayanna Smith, Cher2ification, Shaun Millz and Angela “Missy” Billups. And this represented just about EVERY expression of Gospel music. It was a joy & priviledge for me to be among this list.

Our awesome hosts were Bishop Sam Williams and Tanya Dallas-Lewis and they encouraged each of us to continue to give God our BEST. We were also given words of wisdom from some of the industry’s elite such as:Henry Harris-ECMA, Roderick Jemison-Director of Distribution at Central South Distribution, William “DJ Will” Newbill-GM of One Accord DJ Alliance (YEZHUR)and last but not least, Lady T’Mill Curtis “oh Lord what can I say?” I don’t think there was a person there who did not receive the Word of God from that woman. She challenged each of us to stay TRUE and focused on what God has called us to do. She encouraged us to support one another and keep each other lifted up. (You just don’t hear that much in an industry that is soooo competitive) I knew it was God. We had the blessing of being able to pray over Sistah Peaches that the Lord will increase her territory because of her obedience. I just have to say if this is what the Stellar Weekend is all about I’m going to be there EVERY year. LOL!!!

The next showcase that I had the pleasure of being a part of was the 2012 Anniversary Celeration for Yes Lord Radio. I can honestly say that I had a lot of fun at this event. First of all, it was a HUGE venue; however,  it had an intimate feel to it. The team that Elder Howard Young put in place were warm and pleasant. This event taught me a lot in the sense that it showed me the mechanics of the “behind the scenes” of major shows. Keep in mind this showcase included artists such as: Regina Belle, Martha Munizzi, Earnest Pugh and many more. The thing that I could appreciate most was that none of those listed prior were treated anymore special then the rest of the artists. (I am going off of my own personal experience). Now this was a huge line up of artists so I won’t begin to name them but there are both photos & videos posted on the Yes Lord Radio site @ Feel free to check them out. I think one of the highlights of the night for me was having a chance to meet both Audra Wheat from the Wheat Report in person as well as Broderic Purvis of WLOU/WLLV Louisville, KY and BAP Ministries.

Overall, my experience at the Stellars as an Indie was great. Was it perfect? No. Did I see and hear of God’s people acting un-Godly? Yes. Will I make judgments? No. I’m taking the good and expanding on that and I’m taking the bad and learning how NOT to be.