One of my absolute favorite past times NEXT to reading is writing. After a long pause in my journaling, I’ve decided to sit down and share a few things that has gone on with me as well as the emotions/feelings that comes along with being ME.

I was raised by a woman who had no “choice” but to do it ALL by herself. Raising 4 girls along with 2 foster children she had no time to stop. My God mother was another ever-present figure in my life and she was also a single mother of 3 boys & 1 girl. She never quit and probably never thought about it. Last but certainly not least my eldest sister who worked as many as 2-3 jobs at a time because she lived her life for her children.

I’ve been asked by a few, how do you do all that you do Trish? And I can’t seem to find the answer to the question. I know that a HUGE part of that is the fact that I have a VERY loving husband who encourages me to be ALL that God has instilled in me but next to that I have no clue.

This makes me wonder how these strong women maintained this balance and for as long as they did. I don’t know what its like to be the sole bread-winner of my household, get the cars fixed, perform repairs needed on the house, cook dinner, raise & discipline my children, buy groceries, pay ALL the bills, care for sick children, work 40+ hours a week, keep children involved in extra-circular activities, etc (I could go on for days) all by myself.

What is the key secret to the human body &  mind when balancing all of this for many years? How does the mind & feelings react when those children that you’ve sacrificed so much for – turns around and gives you their butt to kiss OR finds many faults with the decisions that you thought were the best at that time?

I have witnessed “humans” who have been handed similar situations to manage; however a few have taken the attitude that this is their “life” and although their children are not considered “adults” this is THEIR turn to live. We can spend a lot of time discussing “preventive” measures but we will not on this particular platform.

One of the things that my mother shared with me when asked was “God” was our “Daddy” and her “Husband-man” she said that He will be whatever – when you need Him to be.

God has been gracious enough to offer His creation with the freedom of choices. How will I live? How will I love? How will I forgive? Or will I forgive? (Need I go on?) As much freedom as there is in this, we only have been given ONE life to do it in.

I often use the sayings “Life is a journey” and “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams” and what I remind myself is this: I do not want to waste one minute that God has graced me with on anything that is non-essential to progress. I need to use ALL of the gifts that He’s given me to give BACK to Him for His purpose.

My memory takes me back to something my Mom told me when I came home from college after my Grandma Houston died. Ma was driving me through the cemetery to Grandma’s grave and she asked. “Can you imagine how many dreams are lying in these graves un-explored?” That has stuck with me every since. I remember my God-Mommy used to drill it into my head when I would FREAK out because someone was talking about me. She’d only ask one of these simple questions, “Why do you care?” or “How does this end your life?” I watched my eldest sister like a hawk and what I learned from her was to use “common-sense” because it is JUST as important as “book-smarts.”

So now when I’m asked how are you able to maintain a 9-5, work towards becoming a Gospel Recording Artist, host your own weekly Blog Talk Radio Show, be a wife, Mom, friend, sister & daughter? I can easily say that “My God” sustains me. He has given me a husband who is sensitive to His heart and last but not least He gave to me a LONG time ago – examples of what it looks like.

I only have to make the “Choice” to walk out what I know.

Trish Standley is a Gospel Recording Artist from Atlanta, GA who has released her latest single titled, “My God” from her up & coming project “No One Else” due in 2014. She is also the host of “Style with Trysh” which airs every Sunday from 6-7 PM EST at Learn more about Trish by visiting her website @ 


One Response to “Choices!!!”

  1. Stephanie Herbert February 11, 2014 at 9:40 pm #

    Amen sista that was beautifully stated!

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